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The dinosaurs were created with groundbreaking computer-generated imagery by Industrial Light & Magic and with life-sized animatronic dinosaurs built by Stan Winston 's team. To showcase the film's sound design, which included a mixture of various animal noises for the dinosaur roars, Spielberg invested in the creation of DTS , a company specializing in digital surround sound formats. Following an extensive $65 million marketing campaign, which included licensing deals with 100 companies, Jurassic Park grossed over $914 million worldwide in its original theatrical run, becoming the highest-grossing film ever at the time , a record held until the 1997 release of Titanic . It was well received by critics, who praised its special effects, John Williams ' musical score, and Spielberg's direction. Following its 3D re-release in 2013 to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Jurassic Park became the 17th film to surpass $1 billion in ticket sales, and the film ranks among the 30 highest-grossing films ever .

Inner Motion - Gotta Get LoveInner Motion - Gotta Get LoveInner Motion - Gotta Get LoveInner Motion - Gotta Get Love